You are heading to the gym. You are doing great with your resolution to get fit. Making it to the gym is the first step.

You feel great when you are there. You are listening to your favorite music. You are jamming out and burning those calories. You are a great addition to the members at the gym.

While you are at the gym to maintain your coolness, make sure you  are not these gym members. These are the ones that others find annoying.

How about the ones that hog the equipment? Refrain from bringing half the barbels over to your spot all at once. Also don't try to claim more than one machine at a time or don't overly spend time on one machine. I mean if you want a private gym, go ahead, just put it in your house. I mean there are other people waiting to use the stuff too.

Then there is the excessive grunter. I mean some grunts are OK. Just don't be that person who grunts as loud as they can all the time, with every rep. Trust me you are not impressing anyone. Basically you are just annoying everyone.

This should go without saying but don't be that creep who stares at other people. Just don't. You guys seem to be the main offenders. Yes, we all know that women look good in yoga pants but don't gawk. Please! Just do what everyone else does! Just go ahead and take a quick look and move on!

Don't be a narcissist either. I mean it is OK to take a few minutes to check out your form when you are working out! Everyone does but if you are consistently staring at yourself just to check out how good you look, that is not flattering. People notice and you look ridiculous.

So get to the gym. Get your workout on! Let's make 2019 our healthiest year yet! We got this!

Do you notice any of these type of exercisers here in Amarillo? Comment below!





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