You may be tempted. You may just think you know I am wearing a scarf I will be protected. Why wear a mask and a scarf? Well because that is the only way you can guarantee your protection from the virus.

It's colder out and as you head out the door to drive down I40 to get to work you think you don't need to grab a mask. You have your scarf. Just know that the scarf you have probably is not good enough to protect yourselves and those around you. I know it is tempting.

That scarf you have is not going to a great job blocking those tiny droplets that the virus just loves to hold on to.

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Most scarves just are not thick enough to do any good. Oh and if it is knitted even if it seems tightly knitted you will not be doing anyone any favors. I mean think about it. When you wear a mask it is pretty snug fitting to your face. That is protection for everyone involved. When you wear a scarf you know it's not that snug to your face at all.

So just think of it this way. If you wear a scarf over your mask not only will you be protected from the virus. Oh you will also have a double layer to keep you warm. I mean in the Texas Panhandle that is important. I mean you do realize how much that wind loves to blow. The more layers the better to protect you from the cold and the virus.

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