How many stress free days can you honestly say that you have? If the answer is none don't worry (or stress about it) you are not alone. Stress is something that we can all agree comes with our lives.

What causes you the most stress? Is it your kids? It could be the fact that they are so busy and all their activities are causing you stress. It could even be that they are out of the house. You know that even if they are the stress doesn't end. I feel I stress even more now that my daughter has moved out.

The stresses are just different. Money ends up being a top stress-er for a lot of us. There may not be as much coming in since Covid hit. Like we didn't have enough to stress about before 2020 hit. Then we had to worry about getting sick, washing our hands, wearing a mask, losing our jobs. It's like this year was stress on steroids.

We probably found ourselves sleeping even less. Lack of sleep definitely adds to the stress. We can't seem to cope with stress and see a way out when we have little to no sleep.

What can we do. I mean we have to find a way to take away some of the stress. We need moments to ourselves. We need to sit in a dark room and just chill. We need to find some time to get outside and get out in nature. We need to find a way to get some exercise. It doesn't have to be anything big. Just going for a walk can calm us down. Another way to avoid stress is to take time away from out computers and phones. Take some time to stay away from social media.

It doesn't have to be a lot of big things. Sometimes those baby steps help us feel the most relaxed. We will never be able to live a total stress free life but we have to savor those moments when everything seems to be just a little bit better.

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