There are so many different ways to lose weight. How do you choose between low calorie, Keto, no carbs, lots of exercise? Which is right for you if you don't like any of those?

Are you a fan of any of those fad diets anyway? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to lose weight that didn't include you having to cut your calories? Well there is such a thing. All you have to do is cut out dinner. Well not even dinner.

Eating dinner at dinner time that is. The trick here is to eat all your meals between the times of 8 am and 2 pm. No food after 2 pm. You can still have your 3 meals a day just make sure they fall during those magical hours.

People who stopped eating  at 2 pm also found themselves hungry less often than people who were eating all day long. That is not the outcome you would think but it's true.

Why is this the case? Researchers think it is because your body is able to quickly adapt to eating less often and ends up producing less of the hormone ghrelin. That is what makes you hungry.If you end up with more of the hormone peptide YY that is what makes you feel full.

The research says that they are really optimistic about this success that people are having with this plan because they are not feeling as hungry. So if they are not that hungry they are not as likely to break their diet.

This is good. So actually you can eat the same amount of calories you usually do.....just eat them in that shortened time frame. This sounds like something I can really try. How about you? Comment below.

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