We think about anything that is eco-friendly is only being good for the Earth, for our environment. It is good of course. Being eco-friendly can also be good for us. Now some of our choices may not be a choice we want to make this year.

With the virus some of those are being made for us but they still help out. I mean there is a lot less travel going on this year. So the pollution in the air will be limited some unlike other years. Those numbers of travelers are definitely going down. We can still keep in touch with family over Facetime or some other service. We don't have to miss out.

We are making other choices. We are wasting a lot less food. That is also good for our wallet and our waistline. When we eat at home we tend to eat a lot healthier for us. A lot of us even introduced a lot more vegetables into our lives this year. Oh, and some of us even decided to try a garden at our home for the first time. That is a win win for everyone too.

This year we may decide to help out more charities. One way we can do that is by purchasing their Christmas cards. It helps out the charities, which does make our heart grow bigger. Or at least it feels like it. Helping others is a great way to feel great all around. Oh and buying those cards helps the environment because a lot of those are recycled.

So whether we are changing up our Christmas a lot this year, or just a little, there are some good things coming out of it. Some helps our environment and some helps out our health. Oh and some help out both.

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