There are two types of people when it comes to being somewhere on time. The ones that get there really early and the ones that are always late.

If you seem to always be the one who is waiting on everyone to show up there may be some bad news for you. Keep waiting. Does it drive you up the wall waiting on people? Do you feel they are being inconsiderate?

The bright side of you always waiting on people is at least they are happy. How fair does that seem?

According to a study they determined that people who always run late end up being happier and healthier than us who are on time or early. Oh and if that is not enough they live longer too.

How unfair is really all of this? According to the research it is because those people who are late have the air that they don't care that they are running late. That equals to giving them the sense of being more calm then the rest of us.

All that time not caring and feeling calm about everything ends up adding years to their lives. OK....again so not fair.

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