So I really thought my daughter was losing it when she was at my house over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know she loves bananas so I made sure I bought some.

She got up one morning and made herself a shake. She took the banana and cut it in half and through the half in the blender. Peel and all. I was wondering what she was doing. She said her trainer told her that they are great for you.

You can even lose weight with this practice. I still thought she was a bit crazy. It turns out she is not. A dietician actually has said if you want to lose weight that eating banana peel is something you should be adding to your diet.

Apparently the peel is full of fiber and vitamins. There are other health benefits too. Eating banana peels can improve your sleep and help you to have better skin. I am thinking just the idea of helping me sleep may be worth giving it a try.

The good news is that nobody expects you to just gulp down a whole banana peel and all. Apparently what my daughter was doing is exactly what is suggested. You can even cook the peel ahead of time just to make it soft before you put it in the blender. My daughter just cuts up bananas peel and all. Places the cut up bananas in a freezer bag and plops them in the freezer until she is ready for a shake.

She then just grabs a piece of banana and throws it in the blender. I asked her if you can taste the peel and she says "nope". So if you can't taste it and it can help me sleep AND lose weight. I'm in.


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