How often do you give someone a compliment? Most of the time just a simple "I like your shirt." or "Hey you did great leading that meeting today." Something that just acknowledges that person.

You know that whatever you just said probably made that person feel good about themselves. How do you think it made you feel? Probably the same. It's a no brainer that people like it when you acknowledge them like that.

Did you also know that making someone else feel better does the same for you. If you can put a positive spin on someone else's day it has the same effect on you too. So try this today. Go up to 3 people and compliment them on something. It could be something they are wearing, something positive they have done doesn't matter what you pick. You just have to mean it.

Watch how they react. Watch that smile on their face and then see how it makes you feel. Odds are you will feel good about yourself too. It all has to do with being positive. Positive actions breed positive reactions.

So it's pretty simple to figure can make yourself feel better by making someone feel good about themselves. This sounds like a total win-win situation.


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