I think I have heard a countless number of times how social media is bad for you. It's bad for your mental health,

It's bad for your happiness too. I mean watching everyone else having fun when you may not be. It puts a damper on things for you. Maybe you can't go on vacation. Oh but you can watch countless friends doing just that.

So there was a new study done that may show just the opposite. Well that is for a certain group of people. The study says that social media can actually help improve your mental health. It can even help you fight depression.

What is the big difference between this study and what we have been hearing for years? Well apparently the other studies look at just young people. The younger group can have the tendency to be a little messed up because of the fear of missing out and all of that. A lot of them feel that our crumbling society is crushing them and really social media has no affect on that.

The study that was recently done looks more at the older people. The ones whose lives are doing much better. They are not economically struggling. This group of people were more likely to be clear of the issues the younger generations face. They may have careers, grown family, not as much financial burden.

This is the reason that the older generation uses social media the way it should be. They use it to keep friendships alive as they age. That connection makes them feel more connected to the world and in turn makes them happier.They don't use social media to compare their lives to others as much as the younger folks do.

So if we can all just use social media the way it should be used. Use it to find friends, keep up with friends and make new friends. Don't use it to compare your life to theirs. We then can all be happy.

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