There are some people whose taste buds lead them to be very picky when it comes to eating. Sometimes the term I have heard used for this was super taster.

This is why you may have some friends who eat next to nothing. They won't try new things. Some people have adversities to seafood. There are some that won't try anything spicy. I know different people of course have different things that they like.

So that is why some grown adults eat like a kid. By that I mean they are more prone to have basic tastes. They seem to order the basics like chicken nuggets, burgers (plain and dry), pizza (maybe just cheese or pepperoni). It's because it is the stuff they grew up eating and liking.

Let's look at the rest of us. You know the ones of us that will try anything. The type of person that will try the oysters or escargot. What if we are able to eat like a kid for a full day. What would we like to eat?

I mean if we are able to do so without the consequences of gaining all the weight. What do you think would make our list of wants?

Would you be surprised that pizza is on both lists for lunch and dinner. Heck I feel it would lead the way for breakfast too. Yes the average person would have pizza at least twice per day if they could/

The other top choices for lunch are fried chicken and burgers.

For dinner? We would also like to add fried chicken and spaghetti and meatballs.

If you could eat like a kid and not gain all the weight....what would you eat? Comment below.

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