So think about your home. It's pretty clean, right? OK it's not that bad. I mean I wouldn't eat off the floors that is for sure.

How about the air in your home? Do you think it is cleaner than the air outside? You would think so, right? Well you would be wrong. It turns out that the indoor air is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

It's a good idea to open your windows on a nice day. Let some of that cleaner air inside. The only time I wouldn't is if it's allergy season. You don't want to be sneezing all day anyway.

Here are some easy ways that you can make your home a bit more on the healthier side.

You need to make sure you filter your water. It's actually the safest for you, even if you think your tap water is OK. You really never do know what kind of chemicals or toxins could be lurking behind. This is especially true if you have old pipes. So checking out a Brita filter or some other kind is probably a good idea.

When you get home for the day make sure you take off your shoes. Have you ever thought about what is all on the bottom of your shoes anyway? All the gross things you may have walked through throughout the day. Now you are bringing all that inside your home. The upside to that is bringing less gross stuff into your house by just taking off your shoes could cause you to vacuum less. This really is a win win situation.

You also need to take a look at your light bulbs and possibly change them. The right bulbs can create a more calming environment which is great for your mental health. Basically research has shown that you want a color temperature around 2700 Kelvin in bedrooms and living rooms. Looking at the lights in your kitchen and bathrooms you want that a little higher....around 4100 Kelvin.

So what do you think? Any other suggestions to help your home be healthier? Comment below.

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