Sleep seems to be one of the hardest things to come by these days. I mean I feel that the older I get the harder it is to actually get the recommended sleep that you need. You hear all the time that 8 hours is what you need. Then you see other findings that if you get six hours you are golden.

I am lucky if I get close to six hours. I mean I try to go to bed before 9 am and have my alarm set for 4:15 am. I shoot for at least seven hours a night. Does it happen? Very rarely. I find myself waking up around 3 am without the ability to go back to sleep. I try. I really do. It just seems my body won't do it. It's like the sleep is escaping me.

I read recently that the more money you make the better you actually sleep. In this study they say it's because usually you have a quieter house that helps with the ability to sleep. When you make more money then the ability to have your house much better sound proofed. So when that is the case you won't wake up due to traffic or the sounds of a train going by.

Their reasoning is also that when you make more money you have access to better health care. With better health care then you are able to go see a doctor and find out the underlying issues about why you can't sleep. You will have better access to sleep studies and sleep aids.

I get some of that and it makes some sense but I also feel mo' money mo' problems. So you may also have more stress which takes away from your ability to sleep. I just know looking back I slept much better in my twenties and I sure was not making any money.

How about you?

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