So if you are trying to get healthy and stay healthy you know one thing. It has to be more of a change in your lifestyle than crash diets. I mean if you really want to succeed.

You need to find things that are easy for you that you can actually accomplish. Let's face it if it's not how likely are you to keep at it? Probably not so much.

So when you are looking for that afternoon snack first don't grab for food. Grab a glass of water. A lot of times you are not really hungry. You are actually dehydrated. So drinking a glass or two of water can help to hydrate you. It can also help to fill you up. So try that before you grab anything else to munch on.

Water also helps in the fact that you are cutting out a sugary drink. The more sugar you can cut out of you diet the better. Try to replace at lease one meal drink to be a water or an unsweet tea. Then try to cut out another. Keep at it and spacing it out until you no longer even need to reach for that sugary mess.

Try to avoid as much processed food as possible. Stuff that is grown fresh is best for you. Foods that have ingredients that you can actually pronounce are the best. Maybe like the drink factor try it with food. Cut out one meal that is highly processed. The more process foods you can cut out the better.

Get up and move. Sitting at your desk can be horrible for you. So at least once an hour set a timer to remind you to get up and move around. Even if it is just a trip to the restroom. It's all about moving. If you can go and walk around a bit at a fast pace even better.

What other easy health tips do you have? Ones that you have tried? Comment below.

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