"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Right? Isn't that the line from "A Tale of Two Cities?" I would have to admit that is about how we feel about 2020 as a whole. I mean you get it right?

We have changed a lot of things but some good has come out of it as well. We have been getting more time with our families. That is a good thing. We found new skills too. Market Street and Walmart are wiping down all the carts now. We can also order curbside. I love that.

The downside is I really feel the uncertainty is causing us more stress. When we are under a lot more stress it causes us some health issues. Do you feel even more tired? That is the stress. We feel exhausted even if we haven't done a whole lot. You may even be feeling a bit depressed.

We all know people who have lost jobs. Even if it wasn't you the stress is still there. My daughter has been out of work since early May. So I know the stress of trying to help her out.

Are you feeling a bit more on the edge than normal? You may even feel a little jumpy. That is due to stress in your life. The stress can also be causing more headaches. Whether it is a normal headache or a tension headache. They are never fun and can be made worse because of lack of sleep.

Another thing that stress can bring about is forgetfulness. Are you feeling that you are missing things more often? Well start making check lists. Knowing that your stress levels are at an all time high is OK. Doing something about it now is the best plan of action.

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