I get it we are all stressed. I mean especially at work. You may have a huge project you are a little behind on. Or maybe you are not behind on it but you are still stressed with the thought of everything you still need to get it done.

Well apparently a new way to combat all that stress is to flirt with your coworkers. Now I am not sure how good of advice this is. I mean this day and age and everyone being so darn sensitive. Apparently though harmless flirting can actually help your stress levels.

Of course be careful who you are flirting with. I would definitely advise against flirting with your boss. That is not a good idea. If it is someone you already have a good rapport with and they are not going to take it the wrong way then go ahead and give it a go.

Here is the deal. The person you are harmlessly flirting with can definitely reap the rewards. I mean flirting will make them feel good. It will reduce their stress and they just feel better about themselves.

You will also feel a bit better too because you made someone smile that can help your stress load as well. I would though make sure you flirt with someone that won't take it the wrong way. Nothing will load you up with stress more than a trip to Human Resources.

I think though maybe the researchers should go the extra mile and test it out to see if you can just flirt with someone who works in your building...who may NOT be a coworker....or maybe flirting with that barista at Starbucks on your way in to work. I think that may be the safer option anyway.


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