I know youth has its perks. You generally feel a lot better. Your health is there. Oh and the energy you young whipper snappers  have. Am I right? You know what though, getting older is not all that bad. I mean it sure beats the alternative.

The great thing to realize is that getting older does have its advantages. There are things that as young adults we just don't appreciate. There are things that we just don't get.

When you head out to Market Street to get your shopping done for the week you notice all sorts of people doing the same thing that you are accomplishing right now.The thing is the older people you see may be enjoying it a bit more. Why is that?

They have advantages. They really do. As people tend to get older there are things that they just stop caring about. They end up being more comfortable in their own skin. Yes, they may be discovering new wrinkles but they know that those just show they have enjoyed more life experiences. They don't let that grey hair or new wrinkle bother them so much.

As you get older you also start appreciating a lot more. You can stop and smell the roses so to speak. You may not be in as big of a hurry as your younger counterparts. Something about that is just so freeing. You can enjoy a longer walk. You can enjoy the raindrops. Oh and you can enjoy that trip out of town even more.

As you get older hopefully you are also able to enjoy more independence and freedom. You may be getting closer to retiring. You may be more financially set and nothing is nicer than a lot of that stress being gone. Your mortgage may be closer to be paid off. Your bills don't stress you out nearly as much. You can afford those groceries you just stocked up on at Market Street. You know you can afford to have a night out of dinner over at Texas Roadhouse. You can get that steak you want. There is a lot of greatness that goes with that.

Another big relief is you learn to just let things go. Remember when you were younger and someone wronged you? You probably stewed about it for days. You may have thought about how you could get back at them. Well as you get older you realize that hurts you more than it does them. You learn to just let these things go.

So getting older is not all that bad. In fact, for the most part, it is a bit more relaxing.

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