We all have a bad day here and there. Really it's part of life. Everything can't always be bright and cheery. In a perfect world I know.

There, though are some things that can turn your day sour right away. These are the little things that can pop up and totally deflate you. According to a recent survey more and more people attribute these things to starting a day on a bad foot.

You know you rush to get out the door and some mornings it is all you can do to grab your coat, your purse, your lunch oh and your keys. If you have a door that locks automatically behind you well you could be in a world of hurt. Now you have to wait for someone with a spare....or a locksmith.

Those phones have become a big part of our lives. I don't mean our work phones. Nope that thing you have in your hand constantly. If it breaks well that can really ruin your day. You have to get a replacement, which means spending time on the phone or in line. Oh and then you have to hope you had a most current back up of your phone.

Then there is the perfect storm of not being able to find important stuff like your phone, your wallet or your keys. I know it seems a little OCD but that is why I have a place for everything. I always put the stuff in its place and I never have to hunt for those things at least.

Some other things that can cause a bad day are weather related stuff you can't help. You slipping on ice or snow. How about that feeling that its raining and you know you don't have an umbrella. You know that walk to the car is going to brutal. Oh and you know that feeling of you stepping in a puddle and you SO wore the wrong shoes for that.

The number one item on the survey that could instantly ruin your day? Think Janet Jackson. Yep, a wardrobe malfunction. Whether you walk into a meeting and you notice your fly is down. Or how about you look down and you spilled your coffee down your shirt. Yes, those are some other things that could kick start your day off in a bad light.

Just know that these bad days don't have to happen all the time. They just are bound to happen from time to time. Make the most out of them.


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