This has been quite the year. We started 2020 with so much hope. This was going to be our year. We were going to do things this year. We were going to try new things. Oh and we were going to reach those weight loss goals.

Everything was great in January and February. Then March hit and what the heck happened? Covid is what happened. We first heard about it some at the end of the year. We chuckled at the thought of coronavirus. We vowed not to drink that beer. Oh then lockdown hit us. It took away our travel and our sports. What is 2020 coming to?

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Oh then we started gaining weight. Why did it matter? We couldn't travel. We couldn't leave our house. We couldn't do anything so in times of stress we can eat. Besides we knew we needed to support our local restaurants. That is how I justified it. Abuelo's needed me to order To Go. Oh did Malcolm's. I stopped a time or two at Fireslice Pizzeria. I never had a bad meal anywhere locally.

But the number on my scale that kept going up. I had to help them though. I did. Do you now feel that you need to do something? I reached that point a couple of months ago. Weigh yourself now. What do you see?

Do you see body fat that needs to leave? If so vow to lose thirteen percent of your body weight. If you do will feel so much better about yourself. It will also come with a ton of health benefits.

If you can lose that much you will cut your diabetes risk by about forty percent. Your risk for high blood pressure and sleep apnea will go down by twenty five percent. Just making that change can do so much.

Do you feel like thirteen percent is just so unattainable? Come on....give it a try. Start small if you need to. Shoot for about five percent weight loss and see how easy that is. Also check how much that really helped you. Go for it. Continue. Help you help you. You can do this.


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