In an average work week how tired are you? Work seems to be what drains us the most. We have eight or more hours of hitting the grind and getting work done.

Coming off of a weekend can even make it worst for us. We get a couple days to rest and then bam we are right back at it. If you checked Facebook last night at all I am sure you saw the countless number of posts about not being able to sleep. That seems to happen to me more regularly on Monday night. So, I do have that to look forward to tonight.

According to a Sleep in America survey put on by the National Sleep Foundation we feel tired on average a whole three days a week. There are those lucky few who rarely ever feel tired. Are those people retired? I feel that may be the answered.

Of course almost 60% of people say that the lack of sleep and feeling of tiredness affects their mood. It's hard to be cheerful in between yawns. Right? Being tired can also make about 55% of people irritable. That is no way to face the new week.

Does being tired make you feel sick. I can see how that would happen. You are lacking the sleep and there goes your immune system. You know you need to feel fresh. You need to feel awake.

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What can you do to try to shake it off? What works for you? Everyone is a little different but here are some ways to shake off that funk. Get outside. That fresh air can do wonders to your alertness. If you can't breakaway you may need to grab a cup of coffee. Get that caffeine flowing through your veins. Don't like coffee? Luckily there are tons of other drinks with caffeine.

Just something as simple as chewing a piece of gum can work. Mainly because you are working some different muscles and that alone can spark some energy. So regardless of how you get your energy level sparked and ready to go just do it. Let's all face this week together. We can do it.

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