Nobody likes getting sick. We all know that to avoid getting sick we need to up our cleanliness game. I feel that with the onset of covid-19 we really have started getting better at that.

We know all the stuff we have to do. Are we finally getting better about staying healthy? Have you started to wear face masks in public yet? I have really noticed quite an increase in people who are wearing them. I haven't gone out much. I really have only been to the grocery store and maybe a quick trip to Walgreen's but the number of people with masks on is improving.

We have really gotten better at washing our hands. At least I see more people talking about it. I am hoping that the hand washing game has been upped. Since we do know that is the quickest way to spread the virus.

We have also been shopping at stores that wipe down the cart before they are given to us. I love that they are doing that. I think that with us noticing this being done it has gotten us more aware of the different things we touch in public. Either we wear gloves or we touch less stuff. This is a good thing. If you are shopping just touch the item you are buying and put it in your cart. There is no need to touch 3 or 4 of them before you decide on one. The less stuff we touch the less germs we acquire.

We have also stopped shaking hands. That may be something we don't go back to. From now on it will be fist bumps and elbow touches.....but if it is for the greater good I am all for it.

What else have you changed in the name of not getting sick? Comment below.

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