Are you one that would love to join a gym? What is keeping you from doing just that?

Is it the cost? Is it the commitment factor? Or is it something else? We all want to get in better shape. Maybe you are so geared up to get toned? What is it really that is keeping you away.

If you are like most people it is the initial moment of walking in the gym. You wish you would already be in better shape so you didn't feel so out of place. Look at that lady over there on the treadmill. Wow she looks great!

That guy lifting the weights. How often is he here? Then you think.Wow! Can I even do this. That really is what keeps a lot of people out. The feeling of that "gymtimidation".You feel intimidated by everyone in there. Is that really it?

Some people say they will not join a gym until they get in better shape. Isn't that why you go to the gym in the first place? To get you to your goals?

In a recent survey 62% of people have said that yes, they did work out just to get to where they would feel comfortable walking into a gym. But out of those people 45% said it was because yes, they were to embarrassed to even walk in there being so out of shape.

Is that crazy? Or do you understand their logic? I mean I know a lot of us (including me) who want to get in shape for an upcoming vacation. I mean wouldn't we all? Would you fall in that 25% of people who would skip that vacation all together if they weren't in shape first? I sure know I wouldn't.

So I think you need to just be comfortable in your own skin. Be OK going to the gym or on that vacation regardless. Don't let your feelings of being overweight keep you from the life experiences you deserve.

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