Have you ever wondered why you....or maybe your kids don't like vegetables. I mean they are good for you. All the great vitamins. So what is the scoop?

Did you know that hating vegetables can actually be in your DNA. Something you can't necessarily control. Thanks a lot mom and dad. There is a thing called "supertaster" genes that makes you not like the taste of vegetables. Supertaster's have more taste buds and make you experience stronger tastes, especially when it come to bitter foods. People with these genes tend to be picky eaters and really don't like many vegetables, especially broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Sometimes you don't like veggies because of an aversion to them. There may have been psychological factors that can influence what you like and dislike. Maybe your parents forced you to eat broccoli an a kid. If that was the case you may have a negative association with it and will not eat it as a grown up.

If you want your kiddos to eat vegetables they are more likely to if you do. So if you hate veggies your kids are more than likely to hate them too. So the secret is to make vegetables a staple at meal time. The more you have the more likely you are to eat them. Or at least the more likely you are to find ones you like.

It is possible to train yourself to eat even more vegetables. It is possible to fake your brain to actually eat more. People tend to eat more if they are not labeled as healthy. So if you think of green beans as being sweet green beans as opposed to healthy green beans you may end up eating more.

Do you like vegetables. If not how do you try to get more into your diet? Comment below.

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