Hydration is good for our bodies we know this. So that means water is good for our bodies. Water is a great way to stay hydrated. We know this. We can get water from different sources. They are all important.

We don't want to cut out one source and get all of our water by just one way. With that being said there are these Instagram Influencers. These people, as there name states, influence a great many people by what they post on their Instantgram Page.

There is a group that decided to stop drinking water. They choose to only get their hydration from fruits and vegetables. I mean I can see their point, fruits and veggies are good for us...but do you think this is a healthy way to stay hydrated? Of course not.

One of these "influencers" say that they think that bottled water is probably really toxic and dirty. So they don't want to get their water through those means.

Another one has said that they stopped drinking water from bottles and tap because that water was just empty. They would rather hydrate with living water from fruits and veggies because they are getting nutrients from them too.

So I get it.....these influencers seem to think they know a little bit. Oh and maybe to a small degree it makes sense. Let's hold up though, what do you think doctors think about this? Well one said they sure wouldn't encourage anyone to go this route. We need actual water to break down all the nutrients we are putting in our bodies. We need water to keep our metabolism going. He fears that if we go the only veggie and fruit route that we will all become dehydrated.

That is a bigger issue than any issue our water has anyway.

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