If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon chances are you have had to return an item or two. Maybe it was because it didn't fit. Or maybe it just wasn't the item you thought it was.

Or maybe it just wasn't the item you thought it was.

Amazon has always tried to make their return process pretty easy. You notify them through the website and they send you a label to place on the package. Then comes the next step. What do you do?

You can schedule a pickup....or drop it off at a location. As soon as it is scanned in you automatically receive your refund. No waiting for days for it to hit. Amazon does make it pretty easy to make a return.

Though, they are about to start making it even easier. They are teaming up with Kohl's to be a drop off spot. The best part is you don't even have to have the stuff packaged already. They will do that part for you. So starting in July this option will be available for you in Amarillo.

With this service, Kohl’s says it’s accepting “eligible” Amazon items — without a box or label — at no additional cost for the customer. It says it then packages the items and sends them back to one of Amazon’s return centers. Could they make it any easier?

All you have to do is head over to Kohl's at I40 & Soncy and be on your way to making Amazon returns even simpler than they have been in the past. You can even get some of your shopping done as well.

This, to me, is a win-win situation.


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