School starts in Amarillo and Canyon coming up on Wednesday. Make sure your kids are ready to have a great year.

A first good step is to make sure they can actually see the front of the classroom. So it's a great idea to get your kids eyes checked.

Here are some not so obvious signs that you child may need glasses.

They may avoid books or claim they don't like to read. Which hey maybe they don't but maybe it's because the words are blurry.

Has their hand-eye coordination gotten bad? Maybe they have a hard time catching a may be their vision.

Do they sit too close to the TV? Maybe they do so because they have to in order to see it.

Do you catch them blinking or rubbing their eyes a lot? Here in the Texas Panhandle it could be allergies.....but it can also be a sign that they are straining their eyes a lot to see.

Do their grades seem to be slipping? Have they been getting good grades but now they are doing worse in school? It could be that they need their eyes looked at.

So avoid a bad school year....go ahead and start it with going to an eye doctor. They can really make sure that your child can see and they are ready to start the year.


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