So I go to the frozen section of Market Street to get my veggies. I can't commit to having fresh veggies cooked in time....that is my problem. But are they healthy?

I would think maybe not...but a shocker....that is not true. Frozen is actually the most optimum food item unless your produce is coming directly from farm to table.

Fresh foods typically lose their high volume of nutrients only three days after being harvested. When you take into consideration travel time and fluctuation of temperature changes, it’s easy to see how the nutritional value has become depleted before your food hits your grocer.

Typically, frozen foods are frozen directly after they’ve been harvested, which locks their nutritional benefits in until prep time. The con with frozen food is that it can be lacking the fresh flavor enjoyed by many.

However, this is easily overlooked when you realize how much more padded your wallet will be once you switch over. Plus, it doesn’t spoil as quickly, so you’re never throwing dollars down the drain. It pays to bargain shop when it comes to these.

So see....if you see me in the frozen section of Market Street....I am making the smart choice. Go me!

Are your veggies mostly fresh or frozen? Comment below.

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