You just got done with a grueling workout....what do you grab as a drink? Gatorade? Water? Something else? What is a great drink for you?

Apparently according to research chocolate milk does an even better job than sports drinks like Gatorade.

A lot of endurance athletes already know about this, and do it all the time. After a really taxing workout, you need carbs, protein, fat, electrolytes, and vitamins to help your body recover. And chocolate milk has all of them.

You can even drink a big glass of chocolate milk during a workout if you want. On average, the study found it took people about six minutes longer to feel exhausted when they drink it compared to a sports drink.

The key is that it has to be a strenuous running 10 miles or lifting a lot of weights.....if you don't really need to recover; you are just adding unnecessary calories.

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