I have been a proud owner of a Fitbit watch for years. More recently I had the Versa. I have always loved the watches but they seem to break after a year. My latest never got text messages from my phone like it was supposed to. But it was great with tracking my steps and monitoring my sleep.
Recently it stopped keeping time. I feel that is a bad thing for a watch. I know I used it for much more than that but when it was off by an hour and a half that got bad. I would try to sync but my watch would not stay connected to Bluetooth so after a while I finally gave up.
I started researching. Should I get another Fitbit or finally move on to an Apple Watch? It took me a while to move over to the iPhone and I have no idea why.
So I did it. I researched and moved on to the Apple Watch. I went with the 3 because that was what my daughter had and the price was much better. I felt no reason to pay $300 or $400 for a watch. Well and especially because my next big purchase needs to be a new phone. I still have the iPhone 6s. I feel I am about due for an upgrade.
What do I think about my new purchase? I am still getting used to it. I am actually getting texts and calls notifications on my watch which was my major complaint on the Fitbit.
I have a couple of apps to track my sleep and steps. I don’t like my sleep tracker so much as they want me to get a subscription to look back at past sleep nights. I’m rather cheap so I am still researching an alternative.
So far it is doing everything else that I have wanted from it. So far so good.

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