Summer is here! Yay! It has to be my favorite time of the year. Even though it has been over 100 degrees for many days, I still love it. The sun, the pools, the vacations. I mean what is not to love? We feel we are due our fair share of getting out more this summer after the spring we had.

When you think of summer are there some things that come to mind that turn out not to be true? Let me know if any of these fall into that category. These may be some myths that we can help you with.

Have you ever thought you could catch a cold from an air conditioner? Yes? No? Can you? Well the unit itself can not give you a cold. Though if you do run the unit a lot you can dry out your nasal passages and those viruses can then enter your body.

Now you have been out a lot during the summer and you are feeling a bit on the dehydrated side. Does it matter what drink you reach for? Can you run to any Toot n Totum and grab any beverage to quench your thirst? Well if you grab kool aid or alcohol that could actually dehydrate you even worse. So if you find yourself out. Stay away from the sugary drinks. Probably plain ol' water is the best for you.

Oh the sun is behind the clouds today. Is it OK then to skip the sunscreen? Heck to the no. Those clouds do nothing in the way of blocking those UV rays. SO be safe and lather up. Or grab that spray. Whatever it takes to keep the skin cancer away.

Do you have a problem with those pesky mosquitoes in the summer? Have you heard about many products that can help keep them away? Maybe you should try a certain essential oil? You have read that could help. Or even maybe trying to eat a bunch of garlic. The only tried and true way to keep them from ruining your summer is to find bug spray with DEET or Picaridin.

So let's all rejoice that the summer months are finally here. Let's get out and enjoy the sun and the time with friends. Just stay hydrated and covered in sunscreen.

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