This has taken me a couple of days to write. I alluded to it a few times on the air. My oldest dog, Cinnamon, had some health problems recently. It came on rather fast.

As soon as I noticed I was on the phone with her vet to try to get her an appointment. Their first available was last Monday night. I knew I couldn't do that one just in case it turned into something more serious. I wouldn't be able to handle that and get here to work the next morning.

She didn't seem to be in pain at the time so I made an appointment for the next available which was last Tuesday at 12:30pm. That is when I would find out what was wrong with my baby girl. It all started when she woke up Saturday morning. She was soaked. She has never had an accident in bed. NEVER. So I knew something was wrong.

I would let her outside and she would use the restroom....then she would promptly come in and use it again. She never could go enough. So I knew it was something. I was hoping it was just a bladder infection.

I came to work on Tuesday and had a couple meetings. After that I was home. I was happy to have a few more days with Cinnamon just in case I got bad news. I went in to my appointment on Tuesday. I always take my animals to Canyon Road Animal Hospital - Canyon E-way and Georgia. They got me right in.

My usual vet, Dr. Wolfe was out. I had a fill-in and she was so sweet. I came in telling her what I was hoping was the problem but what I was also fearing. She ran some tests and then took Cinnamon back with her to get an Ultrasound.

When she came in she said she didn't have great news. I knew this already. Cinnamon had a blocked bladder. There was a mass. So her bladder was also full and she could never fully empty it. I knew that meant my moments with my Cinnamon were numbered.

I was told that they could try treatment....they were just afraid the mass would rupture and kill her instantly. I didn't want to go that route. So I decided to take the humane way out and peacefully let her go to sleep. I asked if I could have time to call my daughter and some last moments with Cinnamon.

The staff was great to me and Cinnamon during this whole process. I asked if they still had the clay kits that they can take a final paw print, So they came in and helped get that for me. I had one when they had to put my Angel down many years ago.

I thank Canyon Road Animal Hospital for being so compassionate during what was a really rough day for me. I also am thankful I got to have Cinnamon for the 12 years I did. She did have a great life.

Here is her first photo and her last.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


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