You can take a group picture, you can take a selfie. You can even buy yourself a selfie stick to help you get that perfect picture.

Can technology be making things harmful? All that screen time is doing no favors to our skin. Did you know that taking a selfie can be just as harmful as getting out in the sun? It's true.

Of course when you are taking a selfie you don't usually settle for the first picture. You take tons of pictures until you get the one that is perfect. All that electromagnetic "blue light" rays from the screen does not help out with your skin conditions.

It is just as bad as lying out in the sun to get a tan. Seriously. It is doing bad things to your skin. So be extra careful. Just know that the blue rays from smart phone screens can do more damage than too much sunshine. So stop with the excessive selfies.

Your skin will thank you for it!

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