Another week is just starting and I already feel that I am ready to go to bed. It's early in the week and we need to make it through. How do you find the energy you need?

Of course a good day starts with getting a good night sleep the night before. Were you able to do that. By what I see on Facebook on Sunday nights a lot of us just can't. People ask me how I get up so early and able to work as much as I do.

You would think I get to the station and start downing the coffee. I can assure you I did not get the sleep I needed to make it through. The funny thing is I don't drink coffee. I don't drink cokes. I don't drink any caffeine to get through my day. So what can you do to get that energy?

I feel that staying hydrated really helps. I drink a lot of water. I also move around a lot. I get my steps in....or at least I try to. Staying active seems to help. What happens though if you hit that wall. That does happen.

I get outside. The fresh air....the sunshine can really give you that extra boost that you need. Of course you need to eat. Food is the fuel you need as well. So start your day off with good food....plenty of water and get moving.

If you can get in a workout as well.....that is even a better energy booster. Let's all get up and face the world together.


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