We think to ourselves "if I can just get to bed now, I can get 8 hours of sleep." That seems heavenly.

As luck would have it we then look at the clock and think "OK 7 hours is still not bad." Have you ever found yourself thinking these things? You think you can get by, maybe, on six. Is that good for you?

There was a new study that found out that missing out on just a very small amount of sleep can actually ruin your entire next day. Your entire next day.

So if you are used to getting 7 hours a night and then all of a sudden you can only get about 6 hours and 44 minutes that is all it can take to ruin it for you. If you get just 16 minutes less than what you are used to that can wreak havoc on you.

You will end up being less focused and have a harder time processing information the next day. This is especially true if you get less sleep on a day you have to go to work. You know those days you have to do a bunch of stuff you are not so excited to do.

If you get less sleep during a weekend it doesn't bother you as much. So just know that if you are going to get less sleep and stay up later make sure you do it on a weekend. Your body and mind will be much better for it.


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