You have tried all their lives to get them to eat healthy. You really have. Those teenagers that you taught to be independent now are revolting against you.

What can you do? Are you at your wits end? I mean it's not like you can force feed them. Oh and you can try the whole "you will sit at the table until you eat all your broccoli" but you know their will power.

Especially when it is something they really don't want to do. Well use research to help you!

There was a study at the University of Chicago and they gave a group of teenagers an article that basically shown how they were being manipulated by big corporations. How they were being trained to eat junk food. Oh and how it was working on them.

Teenagers want to feel like they are in control. Right? They don't want to be manipulated.

They gave another group of teenagers an article that told them the benefits of eating healthy and having all those good vegetables.

The takeaway? The kids who read the article about being manipulated the ones who think they are being tricked into eating all the junk food actually started to eat better. They wanted everyone to know that they would be be fooled.

The ones who read about just eating healthy. Nope they really didn't change their eating habits. Basically teenagers have a powerful instinct to rebel against those "bad" food companies. They want to now stick it to the people who are trying to trick them into bad food.

So yes it is tricking them.....but it is tricking them for their benefit. I feel that is OK if it gets them to eat their vegetables willingly! What do you think? Comment below!

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