When you get up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee your first go-to? Do you need that caffeine so other's can stand to be around you?

Well if the thought of starting your morning without coffee is unthinkable. There are actually some drinks that can give you that same jump start to your day and would be better for you.

If you are up to the challenge of trying one of them. They have a lot of great health benefits.

Have you tried Kombucha? It is one of my favorite go-to's. It is a fermented tea. You get the same benefits that you would get with a regular tea. The added bonus is it contains good bacteria that is good for your gut. It will also give you that energy boost you need.

Another good drink to try is pomegranate juice. It contains a ton of vitamins your body needs. Also great antioxidants. The part that makes it just as good as coffee is that it contains B-9. It gives you the energy you need and also will help your body make new red and white blood cells.

A nice hot cup of black tea is another go-to. It has just as much caffeine as your morning cup of coffee would have. It also has some health benefits. Black tea helps to lower your risk of developing diabetes. It is also good for your bone health.

The one on the list I hadn't really heard of but interested to try is Wheatgrass juice. There are places that sell it as a shot. You could also get it in a pill form if that seems like a better option. It will give you the energy you need. It will help you fight off infections and if you have issues with your stomach, it will help with that too. One of the shots of Wheatgrass has over 100 different minerals in it.

So whether you need to have a cup of coffee or not. There are other drinks that you can try that might even be better for your health. Have you tried any of them? Comment below.

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