I was talking with my daughter and her friends a bit ago and I was telling them how I was reading that drinking pickle juice was a great thing to drink to help you if you have had a bit too much to drink.

Have you ever heard how many health benefits that pickle juice can offer? I know that sounds almost crazy.

I really think they thought I was a bit on the crazy side too. So I got to doing some research.

Pickle juice is good for a lot of health ailments. I never would have thought it.A lot of athletes swear by drinking pickle juice after a strenuous workout. They claim it helps with muscle cramps.

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Not only that but since you sweat when you work out you end up losing  sodium and potassium. That is where pickle juice can help you. It contains calcium chloride and vinegar and that helps the body absorb essential minerals. That in turn helps you hydrate and recover electrolyte levels a lot easier.

Do you find yourself having some stomach issues? Either you ate something crazy or just wake up with the stomach rumbling....pickle juice could help that. The juice contains vinegar and vinegar is great for a healthy gut. It helps to even out the stomach acidity. Pickle juice is also very helpful with PMS symptoms as well for this reason.

So as I told my daughter and her friends about ;pickle juice for hangovers. Turns out what I read was correct. Pickle juice has a lot of salt and that in turn pushes you to drink more water. Nothing is better than water to help with that pesky hangover. Let's face it after a night of a little too much fun you are really dehydrated. So get to downing some pickle juice so the thought of water is welcomed into your body!


Are you looking to also lose some weight. Pickle juice could help with this too! Regularly drinking vinegar (like we mentioned can be found in pickle juice and let's just admit tastes better in pickle juice form) can help reduce body weight and body fat.

Another benefit is that the vinegar in pickle juice can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Just by doing that you may be able to help with other problems such as heart problems and kidney issues. Just by drinking pickle juice!

So as you are finishing off that jar of pickles in the fridge do NOT throw out that juice. Keep it and drink it! It could do so much good for you. Let's face it.....the taste is good too.

Have you had any luck with pickle juice helping you with any of these ailments? Any others? Let me know! Comment below!


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