I spent a few days visiting my daughter in the Dallas area. That included my making a trip by car. I am not a big fan of the drive but I am getting a little more use to it. I got diagnosed with some pretty high blood pressure lately.

I wanted to take this trip to see if it is stress related or just family genes. I figured if I took a few days off I would be able to determine that. So I made the drive. Which turns out since she moved I can now cut almost 40 minutes off the drive. This is such a win.

I got into town and my daughter and I discussed dinner plans for when she got done at the gym. We decided on Jack in the Box. I have to go there at least once while I am there. I love their Sour Dough Jack Burger. My favorite.

So we drove and made the order. First, they got my order wrong. They gave me the burger but with BBQ sauce on it. I was not expecting that. I ate it and everything was find until the next day.

For whatever reason when I woke up and grabbed my phone I realized my credit card that I used was missing. Now this is the card I use for everything. I have to find it. I didn't want to have to go through and changing my number and then preceding to add it to all of my accounts. This would be a nightmare. Especially since the timing for all of my bills to pay was about to happen. So I checked my daughter's car. I searched her apartment and we called Jack in the Box. The card was nowhere. Oh, but it wasn't used at all either.

So I decided to try calling the restaurant a little later on because the lady I talked to didn't seem all to sure that she didn't have it. So that did give me some hope. I could not get a hold of the employees again. Nobody would answer the phone.

I could feel my blood pressure going up even more knowing my card is missing in action. Luckily my daughter also has a card on this account. So I was not without means to spend. I also had a back up card that I only use in emergencies. So at least I would have a way to get home and pay for gas on the way.

Finally we decided to go back up to Jack in the Box and go in and see if they had my card. I asked my daughter to please run in. I couldn't deal with waiting on that stressful answer. I just couldn't.

About five minutes later she came back. She had no expression on her face. Do you know what she was doing to me? Let me out of my misery. She gets to the car and shows me in her hand that she did have my credit card. They did have it the whole time.

They could have lessened my stress by two days if the first lady just really would have looked. I couldn't be happier to have that card back in my possession. The rest of the trip was not as stressful as those first couple days.

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