So if you have a Netflix subscription then you know how it can be when you start a series and go on a Netflix binge.  Then you are at a point where there is one episode left and then it is done and you are left feeling empty and alone.  You aren't alone, it is the beginning of Netflix depression.

I suffer from Netflix depression.  When I first started streaming Netflix, I started the Walking Dead. I watched the entire first season and was hooked.  Then I realized that I wanted more.  Luckily, I only had to wait 2 weeks before the 2nd season premiered on AMC but I was sad.

Then I decided that I didn't want Netflix anymore so I cancelled my subscription.  Recently my son kept asking for Netflix because he loved some of the movies available.  So I gave in and reupped my subscription.

So what was the first series I chose to watch.  Sons of Anarchy.  I binged watched that show I watched 53 episodes in 1 week and then at the end of season 4.  Nothing! Nada! Zilch!  Season 5 had yet to be released to Netflix.  So here I am broken and sad and season 6 had already premiered on FX.  So I'm a season behind trying to figure out where everything is on season 6.  Lucklily it was on DVD so I was able to rent season 5 and catch up over a weekend.

So, here I am watching another series on Netflix.  It is a Judd Apatow series from 2001 called Undeclared.  I have 2 episodes left to watch.  Two, that is it.  The series wasn't picked up for a second season.  I could have finished it last night but I stopped myself because I know the feeling of emptiness I will have.

Breaking Bad, I want to watch this show, but I think I will wait til the final season is available on Netflix.  I don't want to get into it and then have to wait a year for the final season.

Lost, I hear this was a great series but I'm afraid to start it because of people always talking about it, I'm pretty sure I already know how the series ends.  That isn't ever fun.

Netflix Depression = First World Problems

So what feelings do you feel after coming to the end of a series on Netflix?



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