You love staying up late. If you have kids you get the house to yourself for a bit. Also there is some time to enjoy your favorite show on television or a good book.

Is being a night owl a bad thing? Is it bad for your health? Is that something about being an up and at 'em morning person?

Well of course a study was done recently and there is some good news for some people. Oh and not so good for others.

According to the study morning people are actually happier overall than people who stay up late. Is it because you get that first cup of coffee before everyone?

Now just because you wake up at 4 am that doesn't mean you are a morning person. I mean you only are one if you enjoy being up that early.

The bad news is that not only are morning people happier but those night owls have a few issues. They have a higher risk of depression and schizophrenia.

So is this something we can fix? Can we train ourselves to be morning people? What if we are that strange breed of people who are morning people but yet also pretty good at being night owls too? Are we just doomed?



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