Every month I take a late afternoon off of work to go see my chiropractor and massage therapist. This is a must do for me!

I get a lot of laughs when I am there. I have seen the same chiropractor for about 10 years....and the same massage therapist for about 6. So we have developed a friendly relationship, of course.

So last year at birthday time I had a chance to run to the store and buy them each a gift card and birthday card.....(we all have birthday's in the same month).

As I was getting to my appointment this last time my massage therapist, David, stopped me and handed me a birthday card....and made me open it in front of my chiropractor, Coby. He wanted to get all of our reactions.

So I see on the envelope it has his name (that I wrote last year)....marked out...and my name written on it. I took out the card to read. Oh and since it has been a year I hadn't at first realized it was the EXACT same card I gave him....I mean literally. He marked out MY writing and inserted his own.

Now you may have the same reaction as my friend Heather at work....she had this "oh my gosh....he re-gifted a card" moment. Until I told her about the card and why it was SO perfect!

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So we decided that we are going do do just that....and save this card each and every year and give it to each other. We want to see how long we can keep it up!

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