Were you one of those that went home to work this spring? Are you still working from home? We have had to come up with all sorts of places to get that work done.

A lot of us found out we didn't have the best equipment at home to work. No, I am not meaning our computers and such. Our offices provided that. I am talking about the space. If we already had a home office we also probably had a computer set up. So a lot of us resorted to plan B.

What was that? Well it has been different for everyone. I, for one, was one of the many that has been working from my kitchen table. So that means a probably not so comfortable chair. With that being said we have sat our behinds in different spaces and it has started to hurt. That and our lower backs. Have you noticed that?

I have made sure I have seen my chiropractor during all this. I know my kitchen table chair is fine for dining but not necessarily for eight hours of work time. There have been several people who have opted for different work spaces than that.

We have had some that have worked from their couch. Are you one of those? Or maybe you decided that a recliner was more comfortable. Oh and it may be. Both of those area are still not great on the behind and the back. It can still cause issues.

Oh and you may think that working from your bed would be fabulous. Again, not the best for your back so you may be noticing pains you haven't had before. I finally broke down and got me a much better chair for my back support. So I am not having as many back pains as before. It has made all of the difference.

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