There is no doubt that Amarillo is the stopping ground for a lot of people. With I-40 going straight thru town.

There is this building that has had a lot of talk about what will be going in it. There was talks of a Whataburger.....then talks of Twin Peaks.

With that being said we do have A LOT of great restaurants to try. We do. We have a lot of great local restaurants and we also have some great chain restaurants. It also wouldn't hurt to have more choices. Of course, though, we know we are never happy with what we have.

We all want something we can't have or even don't have. So let's hear it. What restaurant do we need here in Amarillo? Especially in this abandoned location?

Let me make a few suggestions and tell me what you think. In all the traveling I did with my daughter to different locations here are a few of our favorite places that, lets be honest would be great to have in Amarillo.

credit: Google Maps

I'm going to start with this one...yes we have one finally nearby in Lubbock. We are not Lubbock. We need our own Cheesecake Factory. I know the food is OK....but come on it's the Cheesecake Factory for a reason. We need one in Amarillo.

credit: Google Maps

If you love Asian food. Have you been to a PF Changs? I would be quite happy with one nearby.

credit: Google Maps

Oh and let's talk about some great seafood here in the Texas Panhandle. Yep, Pappadeux's. Ooh...I dream of the food their. What do you think? Could you be happy with one here?

I have to throw this one in just for me. I am from Chicago and I like me some Chicago Style pizza. The closest I can go is Phoenix. The closest I have found. This here is some real pizza.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Where can you get pizza like that?

credit: Google Maps

I think a Chicago Style Pizza place like Giordano's would be welcomed here in Amarillo. What do you think? What restaurants do we really need here in Amarillo? Comment below.