When you start a weight loss contest and you know you need to eat healthy sometimes you need to rely on the help of others to make it easy.

I like to do a lot of cooking and then portion it out and freeze to take to work for my meals. I know that those meals are good for me. The problem is sometimes I just don't have enough hours in the day.

Not to mention I just finished a 5 day cleanse. I have not had any food for the past 5 days. So today being the first day back to food I was already dreaming of my meals for the day. I know that seems weird.

I planned on having an Herbalife shake for breakfast. Then when I went to my second job at the downtown Happy State Bank I knew I needed something good for me. I also knew I needed something light since I really haven't had anything in my stomach. I did not want to get sick.

The owners of the downtown location of Delvin's have been told that a lot of us in the building are taking part in this weight loss challenge. So they were told some of us may not eat there for a bit. But oh no! Sheree didn't want to lose our business.

So she decided to start offering (on top of their already awesome food) a healthy option every day. So this was my lunch for today....

credit: Melissa Bartlett , TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett , TSM

A chicken salad stuffed tomato. No carbs and totally filling. So if you need something healthy for lunch you can't go wrong with this.

Or you can go to the store and buy a tomato and make your own chicken salad. I mean that is doable. Oh but I know you can't go wrong with this from Delvin's.


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