There used to be a time when having a well-rounded life was way much harder to obtain. I mean the bar has been lowered and it is so obtainable.

You don't have to have a million hobbies or hours and hours to exercise. It is much  more obtainable according to a new survey.

What kind of activities made the list? Why is it much easier now? Well here is the breakdown.

You need to spend time outdoors in nature and if you add your pet to the mix it is even better.

Find time to keep your house clean and organized. I know that seems tough but a few minutes a day really helps cut down the cleaning time.

Also you need to find time to listen to music even if it is just on your way to and from work. This one makes me happy. We can be a part of your well-rounded life here at Mix 94.1. We want to be!

You need to also take time for yourself every single day. Whether it's reading a good book or taking a walk. Just find time for you.

If you can do it getting enough sleep is pretty high on the list. Don't you feel tons better when you take that time? Or when your body cooperates. I feel many days can improve just with the quantity of sleep you get.

The top spot on the survey I'm not too surprised to see. You need to find time with your family. If you don't live near your family a phone call will help.If you don't have family a close friend will do.

So see it's really not that tough to have a well-rounded life. So work on it!

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