I know there are a lot of dumb diets out there. I have said this before. There are some that maybe aren't THAT dumb but this one takes the cake.

I will give this guy props because he didn't start eating this food to start some new diet crave. He did it so he could say that he stands behind the product his company makes and sells.

Did I mention this guy works for a dog food company? Well he does and he decided that he would ONLY eat his company's dog food for a month. He said "we're not going to feed your dog something unless we've eaten it first." So he put his dog food where his mouth is.

I give him kudos because this is definitely not something I could do. He said that the first four days were his toughest. He also said that at the end of the month he actually felt fantastic.

He said he did miss the flavor of normal food but he lost about 25 - 30 pounds. So I guess if you wanted to lose weight this drastically. You can try it. It might also save you some money. I don't know if he ate dry food or the wet food.

I guess if you really want to find out you can watch it HERE. I'm not sure I could stomach watching them eat dog food. But hey, that is just me.


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