Have you tried it yet? Intermittent Fasting? It has become very popular the past few years. If you haven't heard of it know you will. It's when you go for a period of time without eating. Then you have a window of time that you can eat.

I am currently trying it. I eat between 10 am and 6 pm every day. Now there are some days that I can't do that because I have dinner plans. If that happens it's ok. I just start eating a little later the next day. So I have an eight hour window that I can eat and sixteen that I fast. Let's face it that I am sleeping a portion of that time. It's really not that hard to follow.

There are some people who have a six hour window of eating and fast for eighteen. Then there are those who can do the twenty hours of fasting and only eating during a four hour window.

Which seems pretty intense to me. So do you have to fast that long to make a difference. It seems that no you do not. There was a study done and it found that those of us that try the Intermittent Fasting end up eating about 550 fewer calories a day. Those calories add up to losing about three percent of body weigh in ten weeks.

The best news is it doesn't matter if you go for the longer hours of fasting or not. Which is good news. I don't think I could fast for twenty hours. I feel that would end with me being too hangry. So shooting for, like what I do, eating during an eight hour window is still just as beneficial.

Are you trying Intermittent Fasting? If so for how long? Have you found any success? Comment below.

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