Sleep is that elusive thing we are on the hunt for. We take warm baths, count sheep, take pills but it still seems to be out of our reach.

So what if there was a simple fix? Especially for those in a long distance relationship. You want the sleep but you miss that person laying next to you. Well you can take matters into your own hands and help get that sleep you crave.

How about having your significant other wear a shirt without any scent added to it. I am talking about no deodorant, no cologne or perfume. You just want their own scent of their body. Try to sleep with that in your arms.

The scent of your significant other can help put you to la la land. There is research to back this up. Those who slept with their partners scent all night long ended up with better quality of sleep. They also woke up more well rested. The kicker is they ended up getting an extra hour of sleep.

According to this same research grabbing a shirt from your partner and sleeping with it gave you the same benefits as taking a sleep aid like Melatonin. So you can get much better sleep and not wake up with that medicine head.

Now the only thing I need to help me sleep better is to find a significant other. No worries finding The things I may possibly do to get more sleep.


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