We need to relax. We need to unwind. We have become a world of people that are just burned out.

Burn Out has just officially been classified as a new disease. That is courtesy of the World Health Organization. They know their stuff and they know we are all burned out.

So with that being said doctors will be able to diagnose burn out and prescribe treatments that insurance companies will be able to cover and all of this by the year 2022. That really is not that far away. In the next 3 years we are looking at this becoming a thing.

What is burn out? Are you really burned out? Well if you have chronic workplace stress that you have not been able to successfully manage then the answer is yes.

What exactly are the symptoms? Do you think this screams your name? Exhaustion is high on the list. Then the feeling of always being negative, cynical or detached from your job. Yep this could be you. Another symptom is that you are less efficient and effective at your job.

These are all warning signs. So until this becomes and official diagnosis, it is time to try to fix this on our own. Try to relax away from work. Take a nice walk. Get a massage. Take a vacation. All of these are viable ways to keep from burning out. You need to escape from work if even for a day or two.


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