Let's face it some days are good. Some are great. Oh and then there are those days we wonder why we even got out of bed. We all have them. We have days, weeks, months and even years.

So at what age are we the most miserable and why? It turns out middle age is tough on a lot of us. According to a study out of Dartmouth they looked at data from around eight million Americans to find this out.

It turns out that when we hit 47.2 that is it. The most miserable time in our life. Why is that? It seems that is when we realize we may not reach our big goals in life. See I never made it to become the first woman in Major League Baseball. I guess I realized that wasn't going to happen years ago....but it will make me more miserable sometime next year.

I know it comes as no surprise but we are happy at age 18 and then well it goes downhill from there. We start becoming more and more miserable over our 20's, 30's and even our 40's. Then we hit that low at 47.2.

The good news is that then we start getting happier. Just know that when you finally make it to 70 you are just like an 18 year old, as far as happiness goes. You start to look at your life and think "hey I may not have made it into baseball....but I got a good career and family." So you put things into perspective. You become grateful for the things you have and your happiness turns right back around.

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