The early bird gets the worm right? Do you sometimes wish you could be more of a morning person. I mean those that are seem to get a lot more done in a day.

Maybe they don't really. Maybe that is just how good they are at being those morning people. Really if you would like to see how the other half lives it only really takes a month to get use to the early rise. Oh, and it does get easier with a few tricks.

What time do you usually crawl out of bed? 10 am on a good day?  Well you really need to force yourself to get up a few hours earlier than usual. I know. To a night owl that seems like torture. When you do get up earlier force yourself to immediately get some sun. That sunshine is what wakes you up and tells your body to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin. So getting outside for that first cup of coffee can go a long way.

This may be tough but you really need to cut out that caffeine. You shouldn't have any after 3 pm. None! No coffee. No soda. So if you are wanting to get to bed at a decent time so you be up and at 'em. Cut out that caffeine!

At night as you are trying to calm yourself for a restful night make sure you keep the lights to a minimum. This is how you kick your body up in the melatonin producing stage. You need that melatonin to ease your body to sleep/

You will need a whole month to train your body to get to sleep at night and up in the morning. So stick to that routine. Do not sleep in on weekends or try to stay up late. This will not help you. You can take a nap if you really need to but do not try to take one after 4 pm.

You also need to train your stomach. It is best if you eat as soon as you get up. Get that breakfast in as soon as possible after waking. You also need to limit your dinner. Don't have it after 7 pm. You should also try to get your exercising in at morning time.

Try these tips for the next month and see how much easier it is to become a morning person.


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